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Workbook with exercises

to train your non-dominant hand

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Paper Workbook

On Fuerteventura you can find the Workbook to train your non-dominant hand on sale as a paper book. Visit one of our points of sale:

– Librería Lápiz y papel

C/ Antonio Jorge, 4. Puerto del Rosario.

– Fuerteoriginal

C/ García Escamez, 28. Puerto del Rosario.

– Eco Tienda Natural

Av. de la Constitución, 9. Puerto del Rosario.

– Librería Tagoror

C/ Virgen de la Peña, 15. Puerto del Rosario.

Or order one copy and we will send it by mail or courier. Contact with us directly and get more info..

“Workbook to train your non-dominant hand” sample

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You can see and make practical examples of the exercises that you can find in the Workbook. We are waiting for you!

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