Nature’s Classroom

Located in a plot of land at Vega de Tetir, where the reddish earth is the main character

It is part of a personal and social process which led me to make the decision to bring the workshops to the open air.

A space that I called:

Nature’s Classroom


What do we do at the Nature’s Classroom?

    1.  We are outdoors
    2.  We connect with nature
    3.  We make perceptive and creative workshops
    4.  We work with therapists
    5.  We collaborate with associations
    6.  We are an open space with activities of calm and growth.
    7.  We collaborate with allied entrepreneurs
    8.  We recover the values of Fuerteventura
    9.  We stimulate the non-dominant hemisphere
    10.  We use both hands

The earth is provided with electrons that are absorbed through the feet

We support the whole cellular function of the body, with bare feet, to achieve improvements in the physical and mental health, earthing, getting in contact with the soil.

Earthing reduces anxiety, fear, rage, stress

And raises the immune system and self-observation.

Sometimes it feels weird “to take off the shoes”. We isolate ourselves from the earth.

“To earth”: to put bare feet on the ground.

Many scientists explain: earthing and grounding.

Making workshops outdoors, whether barefoot or not, according to each person, provides contact with nature in this site surrounded by mountains that has panoramic views towards the village and its houses scattered over the valley.

We will apply concepts like “ephemeral art” for example by just drawing with the fingers, directly onto the ground, even with the feet.

Ephemeral art is understood as every artistic expression, conceived under a concept of fugacity in time, non-continuity, as way of a conservable material artistic object. We learn to create and detach.

Drawing in nature or drawing nature. Also drawing within nature. Where shadows keep changing as the day goes on.

Where the foliage keeps changing through the seasons.

We reflect on that, creating awareness about the natural environment; its care, colors and shapes. As observers. Feeling part of it.

Concepts like Art Therapy: by which, through different artistic expressions, we immerse in experiences that are unique for each person. Refreshing our brain from its creative and sensitive area. Driving activities that stimulate the right hemisphere. Through it, we perceive colors, shapes, sounds; we identify and receive the information. The hemisphere that observes, that senses intuition.

All these activities will occur much more easily and with more richness in touch with nature.

From the point of view of the “eco-pedagogy”, we seek to educate to act responsibly towards the environment and for the environment. Educate “in it”, as is our case, is to “take advantage” of it for the action. “We are part of it”, like taking care of the house we are in, protecting it.

May our footprint be natural.

We will get states of equanimity. A state of stability and balance. Psychological composure, moderation.

And if we speak about mindfulness, we must say that the parasympathetic nervous system controls the involuntary functions. Its main function is the production and recovery of the body energy. It favors relaxation.

And rest.

And it activates by disconnecting.

In nature is our proposal.

Going with a group of children to see a lemon tree and rub one of its leaves with the fingers and smell lemon, and seeing their faces, makes us continue with this idea that will take us to others.

Putting a rosemary stick inside a jar with water and seeing how it grows roots in a few days and can be put in the ground and become a plant, that, that is exactly what we are looking for. Let nature surprise us and teach us.

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