The brain can be trained


Doing very simple exercises, with pencil and paper, gives us access to different parts of our brain.

Stimulating the brain side that we don’t usually use, we’ll get improvements for our daily life.



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Caso de éxito

Caso de éxito

Hace poco relativamente, Illie de la Cámara de Comercio de Fuerteventura, me avisa que habían estudiado mis logros y resuelto que podía ser un caso de éxito. Como empresa.   ¡Qué bien me hizo sentir! Sobre todo, porque estuvieron acompañándome, él y Amanda,...

What is “itrazos?”

It is a program that helps stimulate and develop the side of the brain that we use less, with the aim to achieve new skills that help activate the mind and delay the cognitive impairment in adult people.

The itrazos program was developed for the benefit of the old people. However, its positive effect was noted on every age as it was applied in other age groups.

The activities are developed through a worksheet method, using one of the ways that the Arts give us to express and create: the stroke line.

Our proposal is to work on the NON-DOMINANT side.

Taking into account that most people are right-handed, we point to the right side of the brain – which controls the left side of the body -. With left-handed people, we work the other side.

The right side is:

The integrative one
The heart of visual-spatial non-verbal skills: sensations, feelings
The one coordinating the artistic and emotional skills
The one using the social and sound skills
The one integrating the situations and thoughts in a holistic way
The one using the synthesis method

Why working out the brain with arts?

Because painting or drawing:

Helps us relax and
disconnect from our problems
Gives us inner peace
Regulates breathing
Reduces stress
Improves our attention and memory
Connects directly with the emotions
Increases our skills

Itrazos helps us reduce or slowdown the cognitive impairment in older adults.

Developing and exercising the areas of the non-dominant side, we will be able to improve our abilities and skills at all levels, regardless the age.

What benefits does

itrazos offer?

It diminishes, to the extent of each person, the cognitive impairment caused by factors such as age, diseases or episodes like CVA.

In case of mild disorders, it develops the right-side areas (left in the left-handed people), in most cases, expanding the person’s skills and abilities.

Why using the

itrazos method?

– Because it prevents Alzheimer’s disease (neuronal deterioration)
– stimulates the cognitive, conceptual, emotional ability (control of anxiety)
– increases self-esteem
– relaxes, promotes reflection
– strengthens concentration (feeling of ongoing learning)
– improves socialization (feeling of being useful)
– thrusts out feelings, eases the expression of feelings

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